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Senkron Tech

Senkron Tech Creates a Simple Life

Senkron Tech deliveres innovation for 26 years to create a simple life and increase productivity.

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Founded in 1996, Senkron Tech is a technology company that prepares its stakeholders for the future in many areas of life with the technological products and softwares it develops and the brands it creates, enabling them to meet the needs not only of today but also of the future. Solving the problems and needs of its stakeholders with innovation, Senkron Tech knows what awaits them in the next step and makes them ready for tomorrow with the solutions it produces. It carries its stakeholders ahead of time with solutions developed for wellness, facility/residential/apartment management, automotive, cargo/delivery and many other vertical sectors.

Senkron Tech prepares your company for the future!

Senkron Tech has always been a pioneer in its field; it has developed Senyonet, Turkey’s first residential and facility management software, Kargopark, Turkey’s first smart parcel locker, and FLYBY, a wellness management software used by more than 400 facilities worldwide.

Senkron Tech

Senkron Tech continuously improves itself by carrying the responsibility of ensuring that Turkey ranks among the top technology and innovation exporting countries. The solutions we develop comply with international standards, adopt customer satisfaction as a principle and aim for sustainability.