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Working At Senkron Tech

Remote Work

Remote work is available, subject to the approval of the task and manager.

Birthday Leave

To ensure you spend your birthday feeling great and special, we provide 1 day of paid leave on your birthday.

Gift Voucher

On their birthdays, we present our employees with gift vouchers.

Happy Hour

We regularly host Happy Hour events.


Once a week, we distribute treats.


Starting from the 5th year, we reward employees for their loyalty with a seniority award.

Gift Lottery

Once a year, we conduct our "Traditional Gift Lottery."


We stand by our employees with seniority, promotion, wedding, and childbirth gifts. Additionally, every June, we distribute gifts to our employees through a gift lottery.

Social Responsibility

We support various charitable organizations.

Health Insurance

After completing 5 months of service, we provide all employees with private health insurance.


We reward our successful employees using the OKR system.